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Apollogrip is your wholesale supplier of choice for hand sanitisers and face masks. It’s paramount in these trying times to be prepared, and we’re here to make sure you’re stocked up with the essentials. Our products are only available for bulk buying, so that ensures you’re never left without and that you can meet the extremely high demand for these products



Face masks have never been more important. Protecting yourself, especially if you’re in the line of work where you’re exposed to pathogens and germs, ensures you and your loved ones are safe.


Surgical mask

We supply surgical masks so that medical staff, cleaning staff and more can stay sanitary and protected while they do the good work of making sure everyone stays healthy.

Purchase minimum: 2000pcs (one carton

Delivery timeline: Immediate

Anti-virus mask

In order to stay safe from pathogens in the air and on the chance someone coughs and sneezes on you, the anti-virus face mask will give you that extra layer of protection needed against Covid-19.

Purchase minimum: 2000pcs (one carton)

Delivery timeline: Immediate

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Kn95 Masks


Cotton Reusable Masks